Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tam Week 4: Fledglings

When we last visited the Tam family, they celebrated a lot of birthdays and got along well, since they all have plenty of nice points.

The Tam family now includes:
Scott, Knowledge/Family with a job in the Gamer track and an arcade that's doing very well
Megan, Family/Knowledge with no job (except taking care of six children) and a neglected library
Simon, a boy teen (Family/Pleasure)
River, a girl teen (Family/Knowledge; Simon's twin)
Malcolm, a boy child
Derrial, a boy child (Malcolm's twin)
Hoban, a boy child
Jayne, a boy toddler

The original Tam house was getting far too small, so Week 4 opens with the Tam family standing outside their new 4-bedroom, 3-bath farmhouse. (The design borrows very heavily from the red farmhouse that is Maxis premade--I built my own version because I wanted a bigger lot.)

They kind of don't have enough money for furniture, so it's off to the arcade, which reaches Rank 7 and then Rank 8.

I didn't catch the hearts in time to take a picture, but Benjamin Long and Ivy Copur spontaneously got a crush while hanging out at the arcade. (!!!) I can't resist true love, so I started making plans to give them playable status.
And it's time for more birthdays! Malcolm grows up first, becoming a Pleasure/Popularity teen with a dream of becoming a Game Designer. I guess we know who will inherit the arcade!

Malcolm finds redheads in swimsuits attractive and dislikes black hair. Obviously he got the memo about recessive genes.

Derrial follows right after his twin, becoming a Pleasure/Family teen with a dream of 50 1st dates. It's theoretically obtainable, but I am lazy so it probably won't happen.

Derrial is turned on by underwear and cleaning skill but turned off by costume makeup. I guess he fantasizes about a woman who cleans au naturel.

One day, River brings Orlando Centowski home from school. They talk about inane things like how much snow they might get that winter.

They have two bolts, so I allow them to engage in some very shy flirting.
When I tell River to say goodbye, she does so with a kiss! Apparently she lost her shyness quickly.

Derrial is considerably less shy with 2-bolter Meadow Thayer, who came home on the bus with Malcolm. It's a good thing Scott is occupied in the bathroom and doesn't notice all this kissing.
I have Simon check Meadow out, just for fun, and they have THREE bolts. *cue dramatic music*

Just before midnight on Tuesday, Megan finishes the novel she started while pregnant with Malcolm and Derrial. It nets $2099 in royalties.

Back at the arcade, Ben and Ivy are still being all spontaneously lovey-dovey.

Wednesday night, Jayne grows to child. No more diapers and bottles for this generation of Tams!
Early Friday morning, River maximizes her Logic skill, opening a slot in the Science career.
That afternoon, Scott is promoted to Real-Time Strategizer (and reaches the "earn $25,000" milestone).
And that evening, Megan sells her fourth novel and first bestseller for $3169
Saturday is another big day. First, the arcade reaches Rank 9.
Then the library gets a makeover and reaches Rank 1.
Next, Malcolm maxes his logic.
A few hours later, Simon does the same.
And that evening, Hoban becomes a teenager. He's Popularity/Romance with a goal of becoming a Rock God. He's turned on by women who can clean and wear perfume but turned off by gray hair.
On Sunday morning, Megan maximizes her Creativity skill, which does nothing for the challenge but is still cool.
Progress toward challenge:
Jobs opened: 3 Science
Taxes collected: $3850/$14,650

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