Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tam Week 6: Passing the torch

Last week, the Tam family attempted to find future spouses and opened up lots of jobs for the BACC.

The Tam family currently includes:
Scott, Knowledge/Family elder with a Gamer job and an arcade
Megan, Family/Knowledge elder with a freelance novel-writing job and a library
Malcolm, Popularity/Pleasure teen
Derrial, Pleasure/Family teen
Hoban, Popularity/Romance teen
Jayne, Family/Knowledge teen
(older twins Simon and River moved away offscreen in between rounds; you'll see them later)

On Monday afternoon, Derrial takes Tina Traveller on a date to the arcade, even though she's way too young for him.

Tuesday evening, it's time for the twins to become adults. Here's Malcolm.

Derrial takes the time to maximize his Charisma before becoming an adult as well.

Scott becomes a game designer. (This isn't his LTW, but he's become permaplat over time anyway.) He retires, but I still have him buy a second set of the necessary electronics to keep in his inventory.

Why? Because he's transferring the arcade to Malcolm. Derrial will inherit the farm.

Scott spends the rest of the week fishing in the backyard pond and puttering in his garden.

Since Derrial's LTW (50 1st Dates) isn't career related, he gets a job in Business as a field sales rep.

Malcolm invites Marsha Bruenig over to make her playable and she promptly offers to set him up on a blind date. He gets a redheaded mechanic named Marsha Trimble.

They have two bolts, and it never hurts to have more redheaded genes in the 'hood...

Jayne's relationship with his girlfriend Ivy is progressing similarly well.

Early Friday morning, all 6 inhabitants of the Tam house are sleeping. A burglar takes advantage of the rare opportunity.

Later that day, Malcolm tries to repair the computer so he can look for a job and gets quite a shock!

Scott and Megan enjoy a lazy Saturday breakfast with three of their sons. (Derrial had to leave for work before he could eat the omelette his mother set out for him.)

Derrial comes home early with a promotion to Junior Executive, but one of his little brothers has already eaten his omelette.
Meanwhile, Malcolm finds a job as a trash talker, putting him on the road to his LTW.

Hoban maxes charisma.

And then he grows into an adult--now Jayne is the only one left!

While out shopping for new clothes, Hoban spots his high school sweetheart, Juliette Cooke, and wastes no time rekindling the flame.

Derrial has negative bolts with Marylena here, but he wants to be best friends with her and go on a date, so we kill two birds with one stone. (They order gelatin at Cooke Family Restaurant so Jerome doesn't set the place on fire.)

On the way home Derrial stops by the pet shop. Meet Madchen (dog) and Flicka (cat). Because what farm is complete without a sheepdog and a barn cat?

While the rest of her family has been running around, Megan has been quietly cranking out novels--which is good because they need the money after that burglary.

Progress toward challenge:
New Sims: 1 (Marsha Bruenig)
Burglaries: 1/3
Electrocutions: 1
Jobs opened: 2/5 Entertainment, 1/2 Gamer, 1/2 Law Enforcement
Taxes collected: $3000/$43,420

Thursday, July 17, 2014

End of Week 5 stats

Playable Sims: 36
Households: 7
- Tam: $57k
- Cooke: $53k
- Ramaswami: $54k
- Roseland: $40k
- Long: $27k
- Traveler: $27k
- Picaso: $23k
Unused CAS slots: 7

Community lots: 17 (+1)
- Serenity Library (library, Megan Tam): Rank 3
- Tam Arcade (video arcade, Scott Tam): Rank 10
- Cooke Grocery (grocery store, Julien Cooke): Rank 10
- Lonely Hearts Club (nightclub, Jan Cooke): Rank 10
- Juliette's Flowers (flower shop, Juliette Cooke): Rank 3
- Cooke Family Restaurant (restaurant, Jerome Cooke): Rank 1
- Three-Quarter Time (music venue, Sanjay Ramaswami): Rank 5
- White Lotus Boutique (clothing shop, Priya Ramaswami): Rank 8
- Ramaswami Dance Studio (dance venue, Anand Ramaswami): Rank 0
- Domesticated Beasts Inc. (pet store, Cyd Roseland): Rank 4
- Christy's Cosmetics (salon, Christy Stratton): Rank 1
- Serenity Park (park, Ivy Long): Rank 2
- Ben's Box o' Fun (toy store, Benjamin Long): Rank 2
- Firefly Class (camping supply store, Trent Traveller): Rank 3
- Trisha's Treats (pre-made dessert store, Trisha Traveller): Rank 0
- Matt's Sporting Supplies (sporting goods store, Matthew Picaso): Rank 0
- Nooboo (baby/child supply store, Jessica Picaso): Rank 0
- Serenity Station (military base, NPC)

Fires: 3
Burglaries: 2
Electrocutions: 0
Graves: 0

Architecture: 2 (Cyd Roseland, vacant)
Business: 3 (Christy Roseland, Simon Tam, vacant)
Criminal: 1 (Trent Traveler)
Entertainment: 3 (vacant)
Gamer: special (Scott Tam)
Law Enforcement: 1 (vacant)
Military: unlocked (Matthew Picaso, Jessica Picaso, vacant)
Music: unlocked (Sanjay Ramaswami, vacant)
Science: 8 (Ivy Long, vacant)
Slacker: 1 (vacant)

Business Districts: 0

Downtowns: 0

University Taxes collected: $40,420/$1,000,000
Universities: 0

Sim Multiplier: 5
Population: 180

Picaso Week 5: The beginning of wisdom

Next in the lineup we have Matthew and Jessica Picaso. Matthew is a Popularity/Romance Sim with the LTW to be a Hall of Famer. Jessica is a Family/Knowledge Sim with the LTW to reach her Golden Anniversary.

Both Matthew and Jessica start businesses, but apparently neither succeeds in ranking up. However, Matt's Sporting Supplies does receive a Best of the Best award.

By Tuesday afternoon, Jessica is already visibly pregnant.

On Wednesday evening, she sets some Comfort Soup on fire and opens a position in Law Enforcement! (No one was harmed.)

Early Thursday afternoon, Sophia Picaso is born.

On Friday, Matthew is promoted to Counter Intelligence.

The next day, Jessica is promoted to Junior Officer.

Later that evening, Jessica discovers she is pregnant with her second child (it took several tries).

Sophia's toddler birthday is not in my notes, so her stats will have to wait until next update. (She's mean, I remember that.)

Progress toward challenge:
New community lots: 2
New Sims: 1
Fires: 1/3
Taxes collected: $1750/$40,420

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Traveller Week 5: Sojourn

Now for our first new "CAS" family this week: The Travellers!

The Traveller family currently includes:
Trent, Knowledge adult with a LTW to be a Criminal Mastermind
Trisha, Popularity adult with a LTW to be a Celebrity Chef
Tina, child

Trent starts a camping/traveling supply store and Trisha starts a bakery, but the first thing of note that happens this week is a pregnancy. (My BACC has more babies than businesses...)

Timothy Traveller is born on Thursday.

By the end of the week, Trent's store, Firefly Class, has reached Rank 3, which is good because it needs a roof to keep the rain out.

And he's promoted to Bagman, one step closer to his Criminal Mastermind goal.

That evening Timothy becomes a toddler, with a personality of 2-10-9-10-1. He and Carter Roseland will either be best friends or archnemeses.

Then on Sunday Tina becomes a Romance/Fortune teen with the LTW to be a celebrity chef, just like her mother. She is turned on by glasses and jewelry but turned off by formalwear.

Progress toward challenge:
New community lots: 2
New Sims: 1
Taxes collected: $3000/$38,670

Long Week 5: Circle of life

Last week, Ben Long and Ivy Copur got married, had a baby, and started some businesses, like a typical BACC family.

The Long family currently includes:
Benjamin, Knowledge/Fortune adult who owns a toy store
Ivy, Knowledge/Fortune adult who has a job in Science and owns a park
Heather, toddler
Sheba the dog

No sooner do we enter the lot than Grimmy comes for Sheba. Apparently she was already elderly when the Longs bought her last week.

Ivy promptly finds out she is expecting another baby.

Heather becomes a child Tuesday night.

And Joshua is born on Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday morning, Ivy brings Serenity Park up to Rank 2.

And that night Joshua becomes a toddler, with a personality of 3-4-10-10-7 (Sagittarius).

On Sunday morning, Ben manages to leave the house (he's been doing the stay-at-home dad thing while Ivy racks up promotions) and brings his toy shop to Rank 2.

Also on Sunday, Ivy is promoted to Scholar. She probably looks worried because Ben and Heather are both sick and nobody knows how to make Comfort Soup. (It only occurred to me as I wrote this that Ivy probably has the medicine station available.)

That evening, Joshua becomes a child.

Progress toward challenge:
New Sims: 1
Taxes collected: $900/$35,670