Saturday, September 27, 2014

Traveller Week 6: As you wish

Last week, the Travellers were new in town, so of course they started some businesses and had a baby.

The Traveller family currently includes:
Trent, Knowledge/Romance adult with a camping supply store and a Criminal job
Trisha, Popularity/Fortune adult with a sweet shop
Tina, Romance/Fortune teen
Timothy, toddler

The Travellers don't have enough money to pay their taxes, so I send Trent to his store. Fortunately, Christy pushes us up to Rank 4, so there's plenty of money.

Back at home, Tina rolled a want to fall in love with Ravi Ramaswami, so I let her. They have zero bolts, so I doubt it will last.

And that night, Timothy becomes a child.

On Wednesday, Trisha finally gets enough treats to open her store and it reaches Rank 1.

On Friday, I allow the Travellers to get a womrat named Patches and a parrot named Rainbow. Rainbow, like all TS2 birds, only lives a few hours.

Over the course of the week, Trent has been steadily moving up the ranks of the Criminal career; on Saturday he is promoted to bank robber.

Progress toward challenge:
Taxes collected: $1350/$53,520

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Long Week 6: Dreams

Last week, the Long family lost a dog and gained a son.

The Long family currently includes:
Ben, Knowledge/Fortune adult, owner of a toy store and stay-at-home dad
Ivy, Knowledge/Fortune adult, owner of a park and renowned scientist
Heather, child
Joshua, child

We start the week with a birthday, as is becoming tradition in the BACC. Heather becomes a Family/Pleasure teen who wants to be Captain Hero someday. She is turned on by good cooks who are unemployed and turned off by perfume.

Nothing else interesting happens until Thursday, at which point the park reaches Rank 3. (At some point Ivy also earns a gold fishing badge.)

That same day, Ben finally gets a job as an ambassador's intern, putting him on the path to his LTW. (Note to self: Do tours of the various NPC lots.)

On Saturday, Ivy is promoted to Theorist and Ben to Spelunker.

The kids are home alone for 5 1/2 hours and literally spend the entire time playing chess. As a result, Heather maxes her logic skill.

Then Joshua joins his sister in teenagehood. He's Romance/Popularity (his poor parents won't know what to do with him), wants to be a General, is turned on by underwear and cooking skill, and is turned off by blond hair. Apparently both he and Heather really dislike their father's cooking. (Ivy is a pretty good cook, but she's never home.)

Ben ends the week on a high note by getting promoted to Multiregional Sim of Some Question.

Progress toward challenge:
Jobs opened: 1/12 Science
Taxes collected: $1400/$52,170

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Roseland Week 6: Naughty and nice

Last week, Cyd and Christy got married, had two boys, and earned a lot of money.

The Roseland family currently includes:
Cyd, Knowledge/Romance adult with a job in Architecture and a pet store
Christy, Family/Knowledge adult with a job in Business and a salon
Carter, child
Cameron, baby
Porthos the dog

The Roselands use all the money they earned during Week 5 to move to a new house, right next door to the Long family.

That evening, Cameron becomes a toddler. His personality is 10-1-6-8-10, very different from his older brother's!

The next morning, Christy discovers that she is expecting again--will this baby be mean like Carter or nice like Cameron?

On Tuesday afternoon, Cyd comes home with a promotion to Draftsman.

On Thursday the only interesting things that happen are birthdays. First, another little boy arrives! He is given the name Calhoun.

A few hours later, Cameron becomes a child.

On Friday, Cyd takes a vacation day so Christy can go to work and she snags a promotion to Executive.

She is just in time to help Cal with his birthday. He looks like Carter but his personality is 6-1-6-6-6, which makes him more like Cameron, though one wonders if all those sixes are a harbinger of something. ;)

Carter closes out the series of birthdays by becoming a teen--He's Romance/Pleasure with a LTW of 50 Dream Dates. (Sorry, kid, but I don't get points for that in this challenge and I'm lazy.)

He's turned on by mechanical and athletic skill but turned off by glasses.

On Sunday, DBI reaches Rank 5! That's especially good since, unbeknownst to anyone but the SimGodess, Christy is pregnant again, so their new house is already outgrown.

Progress toward challenge:
New Sims: 1
Taxes collected: $1900/$50,770