Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cooke Week 4: Rank 10!

Last week in the Cooke family, the grocery store was wildly successful.

This week, the family includes:
Julien Cooke, Popularity/Fortune adult, owner of Cooke's Grocery (rank 8)
Jan (Tellerman) Cooke, Romance/Pleasure adult, owner of Lonely Heart's Club (rank 3)
Juliette Cooke, child
Jerome Cooke, toddler

Jerome becomes a child on Monday night. He likes the makeover I give him. (His personality: 10-1-6-9-9. What is it with nice kids in this 'hood?)

In due course, Lonely Hearts reaches Rank 5.

A portion of the profits go toward fencing and furnishing the back yard. (Julien's OTH is actually Nature, not Cuisine.)

Then Jan invites her friends Ivy and Ben to move in. You may recall that they autonomously started crushing on each other during the Tam update. Once playable they quickly fall in love and strike out on their own. More on them later in the round.

Then it's time for Juliette to become a teen. I make her Romance/Fortune and she rolls a LTW of becoming a Hall of Famer. That should be doable; all we need are 8 residential lots so we can make a second NPC community lot. (At this point I had already made a military base due to the fourth playable family, whom you have not met yet.)

"I remember when she was just a baby," Julien reminisces over cake with his wife.

I leave the Cookes for a little while to play other houses and when I come back they have acquired Bobo the bulldog. I change his name to Beau to fit the French theme.

Over the weekend Julien takes Juliette to the store to teach her the ropes. While it's still slow she works on the register (eventually getting her bronze badge).

Juliette is desperate to go on a date, so she calls up Hoban Tam. She has negative bolts with him, but you can't be too picky in a small town.

Oddly, they jump to two bolts as soon as they fall into crush.

Julien gets distracted in the middle of cooking salmon and starts a fire. (I tried to stop him, really.)

By the end of the week, the club has reached Rank 9.

And Juliette helps a confused Scott Tam to push the store up to Rank 10!

And at the ripe old age of 14, Juliette makes a call and starts her own business, which you will see in the next update.

Progress toward challenge:
Jobs opened: 1 business
Fires: 1
New community lots: 1
New Sims: 2
Taxes collected: $2600/$17,250

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