Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cooke Week 2: Popularity

The third "CAS" Sim for Serenity Valley is Julien Cooke. I didn't make him, of course; I am lazy and so I decided to use Sims out of the Sim bin.

Julien is Popularity/Fortune with a LTW of 20 Best Friends. One of the first things he does, sadly, is quit his job as a fast food shift manager, since Culinary isn't open yet.

Also on his first day in Serenity Valley, Julien opens Cooke's Grocery, which is, you guessed it, a grocery store.

The first three customers are all women, but Julien doesn't find any of them particularly attractive.

However, he has two bolts for Jan Tellerman here. She's romance, but he's popularity, so it could work.

Julien goes home, where nothing remarkable happens, and then on Tuesday the store reaches Rank 1 thanks to Goopy here. Julien picks the cash prize.
Tuesday night, Julien asks Jan out on a date to Tam Arcade. It goes well.

On Wednesday the store reaches Rank 2.

Wednesday night, Julien invites Jan for a home date and ends up asking her to move in. She brings $3000 and a job as a hostess that she has to quit.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, the store reaches Rank 3.

A few hours later, Jan finds out that she is pregnant. She looks less than thrilled.

Later, Jan uses some of the prize money from Julien's store to open a club, thereby opening a position in the Slacker career. One wonders what the patrons think of a heavily pregnant woman tending the bar.

Early Sunday morning, the store reaches Rank 4. Note to BACC players: Grocery stores rank up REALLY REALLY FAST.

Julien and Jan would be perfectly happy never getting married, but I want the baby to carry on the Cooke name, so I force them under the arch as soon as Julien gets back from the store.

Juliette Cooke is born later that same morning.

Progress toward challenge:
Jobs opened: 1 Slacker
New community lots: 2
New Sims: 2
Taxes collected: $1300/$3900

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