Sunday, September 22, 2013

Reynolds/Tam Week 1: Founding a city

Here is our foundress, Megan Reynolds, a Family/Knowledge Virgo with the lifetime want to marry off 6 children--attainable but time-consuming. (I have never actually finished this want.) She's meant to look a little bit like me, but not too much because I am lazy.

(Megan is my real first name; Reynolds is a fake name taken from the short-lived TV show Firefly.)

During her first 4 days in Serenity Valley, Megan apparently doesn't do anything noteworthy other than founding Serenity Library, the first community lot in town.

The opening of the library earns a CAS Sim. This is Scott Tam, who is supposed to look like my real-life husband. (I need to download a good CC ponytail for men. This is what Real Life Scott's hair looked like for most of college, but he's more of a hippie now. :))

(I noticed later on that at least one version of the BACC rules forbids the founder marrying a CAS Sim. But that's not in my rule set and my Simself would have been lonely without a Sim-Scott.)

Sim-Scott is a Knowledge/Family Aquarius with the lifetime want to become Head of SCIA. That's not likely to happen in his lifetime, so I decide he is going to be a game designer, to most closely match Real-Scott's job as a computer programmer. So we open Tam Arcade and buy all the necessary accessories.

Sim-Megan comes by on the welcome wagon, and she and Sim-Scott have two bolts! (They are both turned on by glasses; if Sim-Scott had not been in his pajamas they would have had three right off the bat.)

On Tuesday, Scott is promoted to Button Masher. He celebrates his success by inviting Megan over on a date.

Wednesday is Scott's day off, so he goes to Tam Arcade and brings it up to Rank 1. He chooses the $1000 cash prize, which doesn't go far. When he gets home he invites Megan over for another date.

On Thursday, a tired Scott is promoted to Trash Talker.

He invites Megan over for their third date in as many days and manages to pull off the triple crown of Sim-dates: First, engagement...

Then marriage...

And then a successful try-for-baby session.

The next day, Scott goes to work and Megan makes progress on her novel. She has begun to suspect that she is pregnant and babies need all sorts of things--like paint on the walls. ;)

On Sunday afternoon, Megan sells the novel for $1873--she's disappointed, but it's still something.

The royalties enable them to add on a porch with a chess table, so Scott can earn skills for his next promotion.

Meanwhile, Megan waddles over to Tam Aracade in the hopes of earning a few more simoleons.

The business reaches Rank 2, and the $3000 cash prize enables completion of the exterior--it's winter now, and customers won't throw stars if they freeze to death.

Scott gets promoted to Gold Farmer that night, padding their bank account even more.

Megan goes into labor early the next morning, while working on another novel.

Scott hears her cries for help and gets out of bed in time to assist in delivering TWINS--Simon and River Tam. And with that exciting news, we wrap up Week 1 in Serenity Valley.

Progress toward challenge:
New community lots: 2
New Sims: 2
Taxes collected: $2,000

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