Monday, September 23, 2013

Tam Week 2: Toddlermania

At the beginning of Week 2 we're right back with the Tam family, so I won't bother recapping.

Monday night, Megan is standing in her undecorated, dirty kitchen when she begins to suspect she is pregnant again. (Maybe I was rebelling against my real life fertility issues? Though right now I'm pretty okay with those, since my son is kicking me in the ribs as I type this.)

The next evening, Simon grows into a curly-haired toddler. (Megan, being a Family Sim, immediately rolls the want for another baby.) His personality is 10-6-2-7-8, amazing since born-in-game Sims are usually low on the nice points.

Then it's River's turn. (And Scott promptly rolls the want for another baby, even though Family is only his secondary aspiration.) Her personality is 10-2-10-4-9--she's even nicer than her brother!

That night, we have our first burglary in Serenity Valley! I'm pleased, since that's one step closer to a position in law enforcement and it's not like the Tams have much worth stealing anyway.

The Tams are not pleased.

Early Thursday afternoon, Megan goes into labor while Scott is at work and delivers TWIN BOYS all by herself--meet Malcolm and Derrial Tam!

You know you have too many small children when you're just happy that everyone's sleeping--even if one of the toddlers is slumped over in the corner because her parents didn't get to her in time.

Simon manages to master potty training just before his birthday. I have no idea why Megan is wearing her coat indoors--maybe they can't afford heat?

Scott arrives home from work in time to train River.

That evening, it's time for a QUADRUPLE BIRTHDAY!!!!

Simon grows up in platinum in the corner of the bedroom, watched by his father (not pictured). (Megan, sleeping in the neighboring bed, promptly rolls the want for another baby.)

River grows up in platinum as well.

Malcolm grows up looking like his brother Simon. His personality is a little different: 4-9-4-7-5. (He's practically mean compared to his older siblings!)

And finally it's Derrial's turn. His personality is 4-4-4-7-6.

The next morning Scott makes his first visit of the week to Tam Arcade. They have $0 in their bank account, River has no bed to sleep in, and tax day is coming up fast. 

In the wee hours of the next morning, Tam Arcade reaches Rank 3, earning a $10,000 reward!

The Tams use half of the money to renovate their house, which is starting to look a little homelike. With their financial worries eased, Megan and Scott decide to try for Baby #5.

On Sunday afternoon, Megan's third pregnancy is confirmed. Will she have twins again? Stay tuned to find out, but first we'll be heading to the home of our new CAS Sim of the week...

Progress toward challenge:
Burglaries: 1
New Sims: 2
Taxes collected: $600/$2600


  1. I was wondering about the house picture... are the little kids sleeping on blue pet pillows? Or what is it?

    1. They are pet beds! The toddlers will autonomously sleep on them if they are really tired.

      The disadvantage is that their energy goes up much more slowly and they get cranky and refuse to potty-train or do anything else. So I replaced the pet beds with cribs as soon as possible.