Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ramaswami Week 4: Magic

Last week in the Ramaswami family, they tried several times to have a baby and finally succeeded. Meanwhile, Sanjay got a job in the music career twice because he has bad luck with chance cards.

This week the family consists of:
Sanjay Ramaswami, Popularity/Fortune adult. He works in the music career as a Coffee Shop Sound Engineer and also owns and operates the music venue Three-Quarter Time (rank 4).
Priya Ramaswami, Popularity/Knowledge adult. She owns a clothing store called White Lotus Boutique (rank 4).
Anand Ramaswami, toddler.

The week starts with Sanjay getting promoted to Summer Camp Music Teacher--amusing considering that it's winter.

At the club, we add some chairs and realize that Sims will actually sit in them and applaud! Fancy this game being logical for once.

Tuesday night, Anand grows up in platinum.

A few hours later, he gets a really awesome birthday present: TWO new brothers! They are given the names Ravi and Sandeep, which supposedly mean "sun" and "blazing" respectively.

The gypsy is not actually very sneaky when she drops off a lamp on Wednesday morning, considering she's blocking Anand's path to the schoolbus.

Priya wishes for peace of mind, since she is unlikely to ever reach her goal of becoming Media Magnate, and for money, since the Ramaswami house desperately needs some renovations.

The twins grow into toddlers on Thursday night. Ravi's personality is identical to Anand's: 5-9-5-5-6, which means they're probably clones. It's not like there was a lot of genetic diversity in this family anyway.

Sandeep's personality is 5-6-5-5-4. He's practically the town bully with only 4 nice points.

In the midst of all the festivities, Priya realizes she's pregnant again--it only took 1 try this time.

Friday afternoon, Sanjay is promoted to Battle of the Bands judge.

And on Saturday night, the Ramaswamis welcome their first daughter, Gita ("song").

In the wee hours of Monday morning, Ravi grows up in gold--not bad for a neglected middle child.

Sandeep, meanwhile, manages to age in platinum.

The game is giving me the best twin outfits in this family--as toddlers, the boys had coordinating overall sets, and now they have coordinating polos. (As you can probably tell, their room was decorated with the expectation of being a "girls' room." But three boys won't fit in the other room once Gita outgrows her crib in the parents' room, so the Ramaswamis are saving up to move.)

Progress toward challenge:
New Sims: 3
Taxes collected: $2150/$19,400

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