Thursday, May 15, 2014

Roseland Week 4: Domestication

Our fourth household is new this week and includes Cyd Roseland (Knowledge/Romance, Become Criminal Mastermind) and his dog Porthos.

Cyd starts a pet store named Domesticated Beasts, Incorporated. (My husband named it.)

He also takes a job in the architecture career and is quickly promoted.

He has two bolts with Christy Stratton, so he asks her out to Tam Arcade.

Later, he almost sets her rose on fire while attempting to cook dinner.

Things progress quickly and Christy moves in, with $2000 and a LTW to graduate 3 children from college, which won't happen unless she comes into a million dollars somehow. She has a job as a Projectionist in the Slacker career, which she is allowed to keep thanks to the club owned by Jan Cooke, and a gold cosmetology badge, which gives me an idea for a business.

Christy's Cosmetics quickly reaches Rank 1 despite its humble beginnings.

On Friday, Cyd is promoted to Foreman and Christy to home video editor. They congratulate each other enthusiastically.

And the next day discover that their are consequences to that sort of celebration...

On Monday morning, DBI reaches Rank 3 and the cash bonus enables Cyd to renovate the store.

Meanwhile, Christy takes a business job because she thinks it will be more stable for the baby (read: The SimGodess wants a business district) and wonders if Cyd will ever get around to asking her to marry him.

Progress toward challenge:
Fires: 1/2
New community lots: 2
New Sims: 1
Taxes collected: $1000/$20,400

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