Thursday, May 15, 2014

End of Week 4 Stats

Now that some interesting things have actually happened, I am going to start doing very boring end-of-week summaries just to keep the status quo around here.

Playable Sims: 23
Households: 5
- Tam: $55k
- Cooke: $84k
- Ramaswami: $61k
- Stratton/Roseland: $16k
- Long: $18k
Unused CAS slots: 6

Community lots: 11 (+1)
- Serenity Library (library, Megan Tam): Rank 1
- Tam Arcade (video arcade, Scott Tam): Rank 9
- Cooke Grocery (grocery store, Julien Cooke): Rank 10
- Lonely Hearts Club (nightclub, Jan Cooke): Rank 9
- Juliette's Flowers (flower shop, Juliette Cooke): Rank 0
- Three-Quarter Time (music venue, Sanjay Ramaswami): Rank 4
- White Lotus Boutique (clothing shop, Priya Ramaswami): Rank 4
- Domesticated Beasts Inc. (pet store, Cyd Roseland): Rank 3
- Christy's Cosmetics (salon, Christy Stratton): Rank 1
- Serenity Park (park, Ivy Long): Rank 1
- Ben's Box o' Fun (toy store, Benjamin Long): Rank 1
- Serenity Station (military base, NPC)

Fires: 2
Burglaries: 2 [I know the Ramaswamis were burgled at one point but I apparently have no record of it; I will double-check their memories next time I play them]
Electrocutions: 0
Graves: 0

Architecture: 1 (Cyd Roseland)
Business: 1 (Christy Stratton)
Gamer: special (Scott Tam)
Military: unlocked (vacant)
Music: unlocked (Sanjay Ramaswami, vacant)
Science: 3 (Ivy Long, vacant)
Slacker: 1 (vacant)

Business Districts: 0

Downtowns: 0

University Taxes collected: $23,970/$1,000,000
Universities: 0

Sim Multiplier: 4
Population: 92

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