Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cooke Week 5: Midlife Crisis

Last week, the Cooke family got a dog and were very successful in business. 

The Cooke family currently includes:
Julien, Popularity/Fortune adult and owner of Cooke's Grocery
Jan, Romance/Pleasure adult and owner of Lonely Hearts Club
Juliette, Romance/Fortune teen and owner of Juliette's Flowers
Jerome, child
Beau the bulldog

On Monday night, Jerome grows up into a very serious-looking teen. He becomes a Family/Pleasure Sim with the lifetime want of reaching his Golden Anniversary. He wants a woman who wears cologne and has custom hair...definitely not a stinky woman.

Random picture: Jan somehow ends up playing with two wolves in her pajamas.

Apparently nothing else of note happens until Friday, when Lonely Hearts Club reaches Rank 10!

Jerome uses his parents' money to buy a restaurant (cleverly named Cooke Family Restaurant), and his parents and sister get it up to Rank 1.

Jerome stays home so he can maximize his Logic skill.

Juliette has been working at her flower shop off and on all week, and on Sunday it reaches Rank 3!

Later that day, Juliette follows in her little brother's footsteps and maximizes Logic.

Julien is supposed to become an elder Sunday night, and his aspiration is a bit low, so I fulfill his want to invite over Katy McGaw. Then he wants to flirt and make out with her! (In fact, they both want to woohoo, but I cut them off.) I make her a playable and move her out to her own place to see what will happen.

A few hours later, Julien has a birthday party with his family as if nothing has happened.

Progress toward challenge:
New community lots: 1
New Sims: 1
Careers opened: 1/3 Business, 2/8 Science
Taxes collected: $4200/$30,920

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