Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stratton/Roseland Week 5: Bucking trends

Last week, Cyd Roseland and his dog Porthos settled in Serenity Valley and were joined by a woman named Christy. 

The Stratton/Roseland family currently includes:
Cyd Roseland, Knowledge/Romance adult, with a job in Architecture and a pet store
Christy Stratton, Family/Knowledge adult, with a job in Business and a salon
Porthos the dog

Cyd rolled the want to get engaged while we were away, so he proposes to a heavily pregnant Christy in the kitchen. They both immediately roll the want to get married, so I stick an arch in their yard and let them go for it.

Carter Roseland is born just a few hours later.

On Wednesday, Cyd is promoted to Architect's Apprentice (and reaches the "Earned $5000" mark.)

Shortly thereafter, Carter grows into a toddler. His personality is 3-8-9-10-1 (Sagittarius)--an evil child is so refreshing after all the nice ones in this 'hood!

Naturally, Christy rolls the want for another baby as soon as Carter ages up.

On Friday, DBI reaches Rank 4, which is very much appreciated given that the Roselands will soon have 4 people and a dog in a tiny 2-bedroom ranch.

Saturday night, Carter grows up to child.

Sunday morning, Cameron Roseland is born!

And that afternoon, Christy is promoted to Junior Executive.

Progress toward challenge:
New Sims: 2
Taxes collected: $800/$34,770

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