Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ramaswami Week 5: Groundhog Day

Last week, the Ramaswamis had lots of babies who looked alike.

The Ramaswami family currently includes:
Sanjay, Popularity/Fortune adult with a job in the Music career and a venue called 3/4 Time
Priya, Popularity/Knowledge adult with no job but a clothing store called White Lotus Boutique
Anand, child
Ravi, child
Sandeep, child
Gita, baby

At the beginning of Week 5, the Ramaswamis move from their 3-bedroom, 2-bath home to a 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home just across the street. They don't have much money left for furnishings after buying the house and paying taxes, but fortunately both businesses reach Rank 5 within 24 hours.

Gita has the honor of celebrating the first birthday in the new house, becoming a toddler with a personality of 5-9-5-5-6 (Leo), exactly like Anand and Ravi. I was slacking off with the randomizer for this family.

On Tuesday, Sanjay is fired due to a bad choice on a chance card yet again. 

Shortly thereafter, Anand grows into a teen, Pop/Rom with the LTW to become The Law. (Won't happen, poor little BACC kid.) He is turned on by career-oriented brunettes but does not want to add any more black hair to the Ramaswami gene pool.

Anand's parents decide to get a tax break by giving him the money to purchase Ramaswami Dance Studio. I picked this since Anand shares Sanjay's Music and Dance hobby. 

Random picture included because Priya looks so unenthused about being done with diapers and potty training FOREVER.

And here's Gita as a child.

Komei Tellerman and Sandy Bruty fall in love at White Lotus. I suppose I should follow my "rules" and let them become real playables and have the world's ugliest children.

By Saturday night, Sanjay has managed to work his way back up to Roadie. I bet he is thinking that these first 2-3 Music promotions are getting awfully tedious.

Then it's time for the twins to become teens. Ravi is a clone of Anand, so he becomes Pop/Rom as well (in this 'hood I decide aspiration based on personality). However, he wants to be a General--very doable in the challenge, and he already has the hairstyle for it! He is turned on by full-face makeup and black hair and turned off by charisma. Apparently he wants his wife to look pretty and not talk back!

Sandeep bucks the trend by becoming For/Rom (the only one in his family who doesn't have Pop as a primary aspiration). He wants to become Hand of Poseidon, attainable if he starts fishing, and wants a woman who is hardworking, creative, and averse to hanging out in her underwear.

The next day, White Lotus reaches Rank 8!

Progress toward challenge:
New community lots: 1
Taxes collected: $3050/$33,970

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