Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Long Week 5: Circle of life

Last week, Ben Long and Ivy Copur got married, had a baby, and started some businesses, like a typical BACC family.

The Long family currently includes:
Benjamin, Knowledge/Fortune adult who owns a toy store
Ivy, Knowledge/Fortune adult who has a job in Science and owns a park
Heather, toddler
Sheba the dog

No sooner do we enter the lot than Grimmy comes for Sheba. Apparently she was already elderly when the Longs bought her last week.

Ivy promptly finds out she is expecting another baby.

Heather becomes a child Tuesday night.

And Joshua is born on Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday morning, Ivy brings Serenity Park up to Rank 2.

And that night Joshua becomes a toddler, with a personality of 3-4-10-10-7 (Sagittarius).

On Sunday morning, Ben manages to leave the house (he's been doing the stay-at-home dad thing while Ivy racks up promotions) and brings his toy shop to Rank 2.

Also on Sunday, Ivy is promoted to Scholar. She probably looks worried because Ben and Heather are both sick and nobody knows how to make Comfort Soup. (It only occurred to me as I wrote this that Ivy probably has the medicine station available.)

That evening, Joshua becomes a child.

Progress toward challenge:
New Sims: 1
Taxes collected: $900/$35,670

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