Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Traveller Week 5: Sojourn

Now for our first new "CAS" family this week: The Travellers!

The Traveller family currently includes:
Trent, Knowledge adult with a LTW to be a Criminal Mastermind
Trisha, Popularity adult with a LTW to be a Celebrity Chef
Tina, child

Trent starts a camping/traveling supply store and Trisha starts a bakery, but the first thing of note that happens this week is a pregnancy. (My BACC has more babies than businesses...)

Timothy Traveller is born on Thursday.

By the end of the week, Trent's store, Firefly Class, has reached Rank 3, which is good because it needs a roof to keep the rain out.

And he's promoted to Bagman, one step closer to his Criminal Mastermind goal.

That evening Timothy becomes a toddler, with a personality of 2-10-9-10-1. He and Carter Roseland will either be best friends or archnemeses.

Then on Sunday Tina becomes a Romance/Fortune teen with the LTW to be a celebrity chef, just like her mother. She is turned on by glasses and jewelry but turned off by formalwear.

Progress toward challenge:
New community lots: 2
New Sims: 1
Taxes collected: $3000/$38,670

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