Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cooke Week 6: Job security

Last week, the Cooke family started businesses and maximized logic, while patriarch Julien had a midlife crisis.

The Cooke family currently includes:
Julien, Popularity/Fortune elder and owner of Cooke's grocery.
Jan, Romance/Pleasure adult and owner of Lonely Hearts Club
Juliette, Romance/Fortune teen and owner of Juliette's Flowers
Jerome, Family/Pleasure teen and owner of Cooke Family Restaurant
Beau the bulldog

Jan kicks off the week by wishing for a job in the slacker career. A job as projectionist comes up and she takes it.

Julien takes advantage of her absence that evening and invites Katy over while the kids are sleeping.

Apparently he's having second thoughts about his infidelity, because he rolls the want to study couples' counseling and does so as soon as she leaves.

Jan comes home promoted to Projectionist and still blissfully unaware of her husband's transgressions.

On her second day of gainful employment, Jan gets fired. So much for that.

She promptly becomes an elder, but I don't have any good pics of her birthday.

The next day, Jan was joking around with the handsome young Derrial Tam (who tagged along when his brother Hoban, Juliette's boyfriend, came over) and Julien apparently felt the need to stake his claim, because he autonomously leapt in her arms. Insecure much, Julien?

Juliette is wishing that her parents didn't have to be SO embarrassing.

During the second half of the week, Juliette takes center stage. Here she is becoming an adult.

She goes out on a date with Hoban and then he comes back to the house and I make him selectable for a cute proposal scene out by the rose trellis.

You know it's true love when you have one Romance Sim and another with Romance secondary and they both get a positive memory.

I have no idea what Jerome did this whole week. Apparently nothing interesting.

Progress toward challenge:
Taxes collected: $2750/$46,170

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