Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ramaswami Week 6: Magic Redux

Last week, the Ramaswamis had repetitive promotions and a bunch of almost identical birthdays.

The Ramaswami family currently includes:
Sanjay, Popularity/Fortune adult with a job in the Music career and a venue called 3/4 Time
Priya, Popularity/Knowledge adult with no job but a clothing store called White Lotus Boutique
Anand, Popularity/Romance teen and owner of Ramaswami Dance Studio
Ravi, Popularity/Romance teen
Sandeep, Fortune/Romance teen
Gita, child

Sanjay kicks off the week by getting promoted to Studio Musician, which might be the highest he's ever gotten in his career. 

On Tuesday evening, he becomes an elder, cheered on by his family and Jerome Cooke.

Priya just has her children watching (Sanjay had to go to work and I don't know where Jerome went), but that's still a sizeable audience.

On Wednesday, the kids have a snow day, so Ravi gets press-ganged into helping out at White Lotus.

In the wee hours of the next morning, Sanjay is promoted to Concert Pianist.

Also on Thursday, Gita becomes a teen. Like her brother Ravi, she is Popularity/Romance and wants to become a General. She is turned on by custom hair and jewelry but turned off by fatness.

On Friday, White Lotus reaches Rank 10!

On Saturday, the gypsy leaves another lamp. Sanjay wishes for peace of mind, just in case he gets fired again before reaching his LTW. Anand wishes for peace of mind too, since his LTW is unattainable. Priya wishes for wealth. (She's been permaplat since the last genie lamp.)

At some point this week, Anand maxed logic.

So did the twins.

And Anand closes out the week by maxing Charisma.

Progress toward challenge:
Jobs opened: 1/4 Business, 3/11 Science, 1/6 Entertainment
Taxes collected: $2700/$48,870

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