Monday, October 13, 2014

Picaso Week 6: Sisters!

Last week, the only interesting thing the Picasos did was set things on fire.

The Picaso family currently includes:
Matthew, Popularity/Romance adult with a Military career and a sporting goods store
Jessica, Family/Knowledge adult with a Military career and a baby/toddler supply store
Sophia, toddler

The Picasos were rapidly outgrowing their two-bedroom, so they move into one of the three-bedroom houses across town. On Monday afternoon, Jacob is born!

On Tuesday, we have birthdays! Sophia becomes a child. There are apparently no pictures of her as a toddler. Her personality: 1-10-9-10-1. Don't let that innocent look fool you; she's going to be trouble when she gets older!

Then Jacob becomes a toddler. He is a clone of Sophia, with a 1-10-9-10-1 personality as well. They will either be bitter enemies or partners in crime.

Wednesday morning, Jessica finds that she is expecting #3. The SimGodess makes sure to toggle the randomizer for this one.

On either Wednesday or Thursday (my notes don't say), Matthew is promoted to Senior Officer. With all the little kids, Jessica hasn't had time to go to work and neither of them have had time to run their businesses, so the promotion bonus is a very welcome cash infusion.

On Friday morning, Emily is born! This is a historic event--Sophia and Emily are the first pair of sisters in Serenity Valley!

That evening, it's time for Jacob to become a child.

On Saturday night, Emily becomes a toddler and proves that randomizing works--her personality is 10-1-7-8-8. Hopefully her outgoing, mean siblings don't pick on her too badly.

Sunday morning, Jessica finds out that she is expecting her fourth child. She is ambivalent about this new development. (Has both a want and a fear. Probably because the Picaso family is really struggling financially at this point--according to my tax records, their net worth is about 1/3 of what it was at the beginning of the week.)

Progress toward challenge:
New Sims: 2
Taxes collected: $1050/$54,570

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