Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ottomas Week 6: Death and taxes

Our first new family for Week 6 should be familiar to all Simmers. The Ottomasses move in next door to the Ramaswamis, in an almost identical house.

The Ottomas family starts out with six members:
Dora, Family elder with a LTW of Six Grandchildren
Peter, Romance adult with a LTW of Becoming Celebrity Chef
Samantha, Family adult with a LTW of Becoming Captain Hero
David, Popularity teen with a LTW of Becoming Rock God
Sharla, child
Tommy, toddler

David is the only one who is allowed to keep his job, since it is in the Music career. Fortunately Peter manages to also get a job as a record store clerk. This family owes a lot to Sanjay Ramaswami.

To bring in a little extra money, Dora starts writing a book about childcare.

On Wednesday morning, Daniel ("Danny") and Andrew ("Drew") are born! This brings us back to the boy-heavy status quo after the Picaso house.

Shortly thereafter, Samantha finds a job as a security guard. I should have had her search a few hours sooner; then she would have gotten maternity leave. Fortunately there are enough other competent people in this family to take care of the twins while she's at work.

Middle child Tommy has been largely ignored in this crazy family, but he still manages to grow up in plat on Wednesday night.

Peter was doing well in the Music track, having gotten promoted both Tuesday and Wednesday. However, there is a chance card at Level 3 that I always seem to answer wrong, and Peter is fired on Thursday!

They really needed that money, too, for the twins' toddler stuff!

Danny reveals himself to have a personality of 3-8-9-10-1 (Sagittarius).

Drew (pictured) has a personality of 3-5-10-7-10 (also Sagittarius).

I for one would not relish being the parent of twin boys who were BOTH sloppy, active, and playful.

On Friday evening, Peter manages to fix the computer and find a job as a stand-up comedian.

By then I had apparently gotten tired of taking birthday pictures, because there are none of Sharla becoming a teen. She is Rom/For with a LTW of Business Tycoon (perhaps wanting to rise above her poor origins?), turned on by blond hair and cleaning skill but turned off by charisma.

All the Business jobs are taken, so Sharla gets a job as a waterperson on Saturday afternoon.

About an hour later, Dora is just getting off the phone when she feels strangely tired...

Poor Dora's urn gets stuck in a corner somewhere until I get the chance to build a cemetery. Meanwhile life goes on and Sam gets promoted to Patrol Officer.

Meanwhile, David is promoted to Coffee Shop Sound Engineer, the top of the teen track, just in time to become an adult.

There are no pictures of his birthday (of course), but you can see his adult look in this family portrait. (Pretend it is cropped so you cannot also see the OMSPs.) From top left we have Sharla (14), Peter (41), Samantha (40), David (26), Danny (5), Tommy (9), and Drew (5).

Progress toward challenge:
New Sims: 2
Graves: 1
Taxes collected: $1800/$56,370

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