Saturday, September 27, 2014

Traveller Week 6: As you wish

Last week, the Travellers were new in town, so of course they started some businesses and had a baby.

The Traveller family currently includes:
Trent, Knowledge/Romance adult with a camping supply store and a Criminal job
Trisha, Popularity/Fortune adult with a sweet shop
Tina, Romance/Fortune teen
Timothy, toddler

The Travellers don't have enough money to pay their taxes, so I send Trent to his store. Fortunately, Christy pushes us up to Rank 4, so there's plenty of money.

Back at home, Tina rolled a want to fall in love with Ravi Ramaswami, so I let her. They have zero bolts, so I doubt it will last.

And that night, Timothy becomes a child.

On Wednesday, Trisha finally gets enough treats to open her store and it reaches Rank 1.

On Friday, I allow the Travellers to get a womrat named Patches and a parrot named Rainbow. Rainbow, like all TS2 birds, only lives a few hours.

Over the course of the week, Trent has been steadily moving up the ranks of the Criminal career; on Saturday he is promoted to bank robber.

Progress toward challenge:
Taxes collected: $1350/$53,520

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