Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Roseland Week 6: Naughty and nice

Last week, Cyd and Christy got married, had two boys, and earned a lot of money.

The Roseland family currently includes:
Cyd, Knowledge/Romance adult with a job in Architecture and a pet store
Christy, Family/Knowledge adult with a job in Business and a salon
Carter, child
Cameron, baby
Porthos the dog

The Roselands use all the money they earned during Week 5 to move to a new house, right next door to the Long family.

That evening, Cameron becomes a toddler. His personality is 10-1-6-8-10, very different from his older brother's!

The next morning, Christy discovers that she is expecting again--will this baby be mean like Carter or nice like Cameron?

On Tuesday afternoon, Cyd comes home with a promotion to Draftsman.

On Thursday the only interesting things that happen are birthdays. First, another little boy arrives! He is given the name Calhoun.

A few hours later, Cameron becomes a child.

On Friday, Cyd takes a vacation day so Christy can go to work and she snags a promotion to Executive.

She is just in time to help Cal with his birthday. He looks like Carter but his personality is 6-1-6-6-6, which makes him more like Cameron, though one wonders if all those sixes are a harbinger of something. ;)

Carter closes out the series of birthdays by becoming a teen--He's Romance/Pleasure with a LTW of 50 Dream Dates. (Sorry, kid, but I don't get points for that in this challenge and I'm lazy.)

He's turned on by mechanical and athletic skill but turned off by glasses.

On Sunday, DBI reaches Rank 5! That's especially good since, unbeknownst to anyone but the SimGodess, Christy is pregnant again, so their new house is already outgrown.

Progress toward challenge:
New Sims: 1
Taxes collected: $1900/$50,770

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