Monday, December 29, 2014

Bruenig Week 6: Apartment life

Near the end of this round, the Sim Goddess purchases and installs Apartment Life, and Marsha Bruenig becomes our test subject.

Marsha is a Knowledge/Family Sim (LTW Education Minister) who inhabits the friendzone of nearly all the Tam brothers. For the time being she has no romantic interests.

Marsha has a very good job in Business, but that's full up at the moment, so I make her quit and take a job as a Test Subject. According to the rules it would be "fair" to make Derrial Tam quit, since he's the lowest in rank, but whoever said life is fair? Where is that written?

Marsha quickly befriends her older coworker, Ivy Long.

They remain friends ever after, but not coworkers--according to my calculations the population is high enough to allow one slot in Education, and on Wednesday morning Marsha snatches up a job as a substitute teacher. (River Centowski is the other aspiring educator in town, but she wasn't able to find a job during her turn.)

The rest of Marsha's week passes uneventfully--she does invite Simon and Meadow over, but they don't do much other than talk about the weather.

And on Friday she finishes a string of promotions by attaining a post as University Guest Lecturer.

Progress toward challenge:
Taxes collected: $1500/$63,620

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