Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bruty/Tellerman Week 6: Sugar rush

Our next new household (we sure have a lot of them this round!) includes Komei Tellerman and Sandy Bruty, who fell in love at Scott's arcade. (They have only one bolt, so we'll see how things go.) 

Komei is a Fortune/Knowledge Sim with a job on the Vice Squad, which he will be allowed to keep. (Especially since his LTW is to become The Law, impossible in this 'hood without a college degree.) 

Sandy is a Romance/Pleasure Sim with a job as a Specialist (medical), which she won't be allowed to keep. That's okay since she wants to be a Rock God anyway.

On Tuesday morning, Sandy is lucky enough to find a job as a Coffee Shop Sound Engineer.

The pair pass the next few days getting lots of promotions and having lots of woohoo. Midweek they move to a new, trendier-looking house and acquire a Siamese cat named Asta.

They decide to start a venue named The Sugar Bowl, which will eventually be a coffee shop/bowling alley combo, but right now is nothing but a bowling alley. Well, two alleys. On the grass. It reaches Rank 1 and then Rank 2.

On their last day of work the pair have good luck with chance cards. First Komei becomes SWAT Team Leader due to yelling really loudly...

Then Sandy gets promoted to Roadie due to picking a little-known but talented band.

Progress toward challenge:
New community lots: 1
Taxes collected: $2050/$62,120

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