Friday, December 26, 2014

Tam/Centowski Week 6: Down to a science

Here we have another "new" household, founded by Simon's twin sister, River Tam (Family/Knowledge).

River invites her fiance, Orlando Centowski, to move in. He brings only $2000 but has a job as a Top Secret Researcher.

They waste no time getting married. (On the left is Dora Ottomas talking to best man Neil Cameron. Dora and Orlando have three bolts, but nope. And then she died anyway before I could hook her up with someone her own age.)

Simon makes the second toast, since Juliette Cooke got food poisoning and had to stand down as maid of honor at the last second. (Read: I completely forgot to invite her.)

River thinks she must have drank too much during those toasts, since within 12 hours she's thrown up three times. Poor thing.

Turns out it wasn't the drinking after all! Charlotte Centowski is born in the wee hours of Friday morning.

(Note: I realized after I named her that Charlotte shares a full name with a character in Lakeside Heights. Oops!)

I leave this family for a while and when I come back Orlando and River both want to woohoo in bed. I let them.

As a result, Charlotte is going to be a big sister!

(This baby is due before Simon and Meadow's first baby. River must have stolen her brother's fertility or something.)

Oh, and Orlando does have a job to support all these babies. Here he is getting promoted to Theorist.

And we'll close out the week with Charlotte becoming a toddler. Her personality is 6-9-6-4-9 (Aries)--definitely a Popularity Sim in the making!

Progress toward challenge:
New Sims: 2
Taxes collected: $1300/$58,970

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